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    e central government were 4.390114 trillion yuan, 100.1% of the budgeted figure and an increase of 851.258 billion yuan or 24.1%. They consisted of 1.52▓7984 trillion yuan of central government spending, an increase of 14.5%, and 2.86213 trillion yuan

    of tax rebates and transfer payments to

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    local governments, up 29.8%. Central government expenditures exceeded revenue, resulting in a budget deficit of 750 billion yuan, which was the budgeted figure. The outstanding balance on government bonds in the central budget at the end of 2009 w

    as 6.023768 trillion yuan, which was und

  • government spending and

    er budgeted ceiling of 6.270835 trillion yuan for the year. Central government tax rebates and transfer payments made to local governments. In 2009, central government tax rebates and transfer▓ payments made to local governments totaled 2.86213 trill

    ion yuan, 99.1% of the budgeted figure.

6.05938 trillion yuan ▓of local

This discrepancy was mainly due to▓ less spending on disaster relief than estimated at t

he beginning of the year, resulting in a decrease in transfer payments. This total consisted of 494.227 billion yuan of tax rebates, an increase of 48.2%, with the increases coming mainly from implementation of t

he reform of taxes and fees on refined oil products (according to

regulations, the central government is required to rebate increases in sal▓es tax on refined oil products to local governments); 1.131989 trillion yuan of general tr

ansfer payments, an increase of 29.4%; 1.235914 trillion yuan of special trans

fer payments, an increase of 24.1%, the

y 950 billion yuan. Revenue co llecte▓d by the cen tral government was 3. 589614 tri llion yuan, 100.1% of the budg eted figure and an increase of 321.558 billion y uan or 9.8%. T he central budget stabil ization fund co ntributed 50.5 billion yu an, raising the tota l revenue use d by the central gove rnment to 3.640114 trillion yu 师宗县wap 六枝特区wap 东源县wap 阳山县wap 内蒙古5G 江安县wap 磐石市wap 柳州市wap 临朐县wap 三江侗族自治县wap 沛县wap 铜梁县wap 18.湖南省5G 大田县5G 五原县5G 嵊泗县5G 桐城市5G 交城县5G 顺平县5G 洪泽县wap 新开玉兔传奇私服网站 网通最新开单职业传奇私服 单职业超变态传奇私服网站 新无赦单职业传奇私服 传奇私服军哥版本库 变态传奇私服手游 单机传奇私服怎么架设 今日新开热血传奇私服 1.76倚天精品传奇私服 新开热血传奇私服网站发布网